Preventive and Pre-operative evaluations

cardiology preventative and Pre-operative in Florham ParkPre-operative evaluations are used to assess the risks a patient faces during and following surgical treatment. Approximately 3 percent of surgeries result in serious complications, or reactions Ė many of which are cardiovascular-related. During a pre-operative evaluation, one of our highly trained physicians analyzes a patient's cardiac functions, in order to accurately approximate that patientís risk of developing cardiovascular complications. In some cases, a pre-operative evaluation can help us determine whether certain preventive measures, such as the administration of beta blockers or statins, need to be taken to lower the patientís risk level.

Evaluation begins with your Essex Cardiology Group physician reviewing the patientís prior cardiovascular history, including previous incidences of congestive heart failure, arrhythmia and angina. Other health factors, such as high blood pressure, a history of tobacco use and the presence of diabetes also play a vital role in the evaluation. In some cases, we will order an electrocardiogram to detect underlying heart disease or a history of myocardial infarction. Functional capacity tests may also be a part of the evaluation, as a measure of physical ability. These tests are indicative of a patientís risk of developing future cardiovascular complications.